Global Expansion

In todays global market, the opportunity to expand your business is unlimited. However the level to which your company can grow, is restricted by information necessary to allow for positive growth.  KIE International is also a facilitator, providing clientele with the information and tools needed in the global market to have a reliable trusted network to handle each clienteles needs.  Positively benefiting the companies and communities that we are involved with.
KIE International has global representation that facilitates quick sourcing and supplying of product or services required. It can also help diversify the selection possibilities between certain products. For example, you may be looking for marble sources and think that all marble is the same. This is not true because our Brazilian marble comes in types that are different from our Italian marble. Thus we are able to give you multiple options and our representatives will work to find out what product fits your specific needs. We understand that customers want the best price regardless. What we are getting at, is that we recognize each client has different needs to be catered to. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!
If you are interested in becoming a supplier of KIE International.  Apply in the contact section by submitting your company and product details for further review and approval.